Saturday, June 12, 2010

ok, today, is actually sunny, but the last few weeks have been exactly like these pics!

Our summer break officially begins on Jun 01.
With all this rain, my kids are getting restless!!

With school out, am I suppose to get a break too?..

Hmmm... must find something for the kids to do...

must create a routine to base our days off of...

MUST have FUN!

well, I am working on a flexible summer schedule. If I don't, my kids would stare at a TV all day.

Ummm, have you seen what's on TV nowadays, really seen?

and even if we DID find something of value,
have you seen the commercials? really?

cheap entertainment, maybe;
but NO thank-you.

Ofcourse there is always exceptions ;^)

but then again, commercials, ugh!
(I won't even mention the ones that really disturb me, blech!)


Up n at 'em
- our morning routine
Fitness Fun- gym or nature walk
Yard Work- 30 min.
Backyard Basics*- ball, sandbox, chalk, tag, etc..
*(This is where Mom can get inside chores done)
Power Hour - French practice/ nature journal/ silent read
'nap' for Bryson, quiet time for Andrew
= GAME time for the rest. no, not video ;^)
the good ole board games, uno, dominoes, cards, etc...
FREE time by 3 p.m.

Schedule is subject to change due to-
such things as field trips, dental appointments, park days.

Geocaching and Letterboxing will be a point of interest...
when the weather cooperates. ;^)


Donna said...

That top photo is gorgeous! I've thought of trying letterboxing or geocaching. Have you done it before? It sounds fun.

Patricia said...

Your summer schedule sounds very relaxing... Letterboxing is such fun!
Oh, We also do not have tv.

mommyx12 said...

I'm sure your boys would love dirt biking. My boys go nuts over it. As far as where we live too, in WI, we don't find anywhere to go but going to CO kills many birds with one stone. My husband has 3 brothers who are dentists and we go out yearly for our children to get dental work done. Of course we have to throw in some highlights while there!!

Catherine Anne said...

We have the simplist of days, but we are loving every minute of it!
I love that! We too love simplicity~ Beautiful family!