Monday, October 18, 2010


Maybe not....

Here is our journey with gardening. I share it here as to keep all things real. ;^)

We started in April with planting seeds.

Batch 1, batch 2, AND batch 3 were tortured by a curious 23 month old.

The 4th & final attempt we had him join the process....

then I got smart and placed the seedlings in an out-of-reach place!




Bryson is begging to play with these wee lil green tomatoes that he calls a "ball".

We did actually eat many of our hard earned produce, including peas and green onions also.

So, what is your opinion?

With such strange looking vegetables, how would you grade our garden for an "agriculture" credit w/ science labs??

I would like to add that my dear husband was the supervisor over this 6 month project! He was great at explaining the growth, guiding the learning, and starting the green tomato fight. ;^)
I, on the other hand, could somehow die off a cactus; consequently, I stayed out of the way.


Marla said...

You had better results then we did.Lol!

carol said...

I didn't do much better. Did have a few tomato's everything else got fried from too much sun. It was fun to try though.

Heaven Scent Farms said...

You did awesome! I have a hard time growing carrots in this clay soil. Everything looks yummo-o.