Tuesday, October 5, 2010

l.i.f.e Academy...

Our first quarter is over. It seem to go by so fast! We now get to enjoy 2 weeks off.

I think I am acutely aware of how fast the year is going because I have a senior student. What a wonderful journey it has been. I will post of details at a later date.

First quarter successes:

Field Trips:
Woodland Park Zoo
Seattle Science Center
Fruit picking at a farm in Oregon

Library every Wednesday:
This is working out well. It is a small library, Thank goodness, as I get overwhelmed in big fancy ones with my littles in tow. =) I do have a habitual habit of always having some type of fee; I am pretty proud that I have not lost a book/movie/magazine as of yet. Little guy has ripped one page, but I figure for having 5 kids learning from home, that isn't too bad a track record??

We established our new routine using the Robinson Curriculum along with keeping it organized Workbox style. It is working out well for us. Less chaotic, more focused. I am needing to find more focused time w/ my kindergartener. Preschool-ish activities are going well alongside littlest brother, but dear Andrew, in his offbeat way is skirting around his quality lessons in reading and language skills.

*Katie-girl is doing ballet twice a week. Cool part is that she helps as an assistant in two little tyke ballet classes, and barters her payment for the lessons. She LOVES helping little kids.
Campfire also began. Lucky for us, Aunt Chanelle (my husband's sister) is the camp leader. She is amazing with kids!

*Nick is out (again) with a soccer related injury. Let's see...Hip out of alignment, broken wrist...now it is a bruised bone in the shin. This is not something to play around with, unless one enjoys the thought of a potential broken bone. We are hoping he will be back in play in a few weeks.

*TJ is patiently waiting for dad to take him fishing...soon, very soon....

A Funeral:
My dear Grandpa passed away recently. The funeral was last week-end. It is rather an event of mixed feelings. We know he is with the Good Lord; Halelujah! Yet the heart aches at the loss. The family had a Celebration of Life...which was fantastic...family, food, fun... but it left me pondering at how quickly life goes by, and how we should celebrate daily the gift of life.

Fall Break:
We are headed to Oregon for a week to visit some friends. Daddy has been staying with these friends for several months now. Lucky for us, Daddy gets to take a vacation with us next week to the Coast for a whole week! We are thrilled!

Future posts:
1. We wrapped up our Summer Nature Studies
2. Interesting Garden Adventure
3. Our Curriculum plans for the fall months.
4. A church-less family in a Godly home
5. Victories in personal struggles.
(if I am brave enough to open the door to this topic)
6. Preparing for the holidays~
Embracing the Moments.

Until next time...
May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with you all.
Galations 13:14


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Hope your time in Oregon is BLESSED!

:) :) :)

Marla said...

Sorry for your loss!looks like the homeschooling is going well!

Anonymous said...

Where's the church-less family in a Godly home post???

Need it!

(looking forward to all your posts)

Atleast you attempted a garden...we didn't. How I wish I enjoyed Science.