Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Learning with the Littles

Our seasonal tree has been a hit in our house:

Aa- apples

Bb- bees

Cc- caterpillars

Dd- dragonflies

Our Circle Time has been hit or miss.
This would be due to my lack of planning efficiently. Bryson loves the finger songs, and Andrew is catching on to the French versions of our songs.

Circle Time

Letter of the week- Ee
the sight of it (we finger trace it)
the sound of it (we sound it out)
the sign (sign language)
& the song (w/ the animal of the week, the elephant)

The Alphabet/ l'alphabet
Days of the week/ jours de la semaine
Months of the Year/ mois de lannee

Left Hand/ Right Hand rhyme
A finger song - "One Little Elephant"

Table Time

A story, a craft, & a game.

Mon- animal story & craft, puzzle, tracer pages
Tues- Alphabet Fun Stories (Abeka) w/ puppets, decorate the Letter E & e, matching game.
Wed- Bible Story w/ color page, magnet worksheet, & lacing card.
Thur- My 'e' book, our "sound box" scavenger hunt, & dry erase writing boards.
Fri- Big Thoughts for little people (one letter per week/devotional type), paper plate craft, & cookie sheet writing ( w/ rice or shaving cream).

Activity Time

Things to keep the littles busy while cooking dinner;
playdough, leggos, marbles, bristle blocks, little peoples, cars, tinker toys, lincoln logs, etc...
We rotate daily so that they do not have time to get bored with them. =)

Keeping the Littles busy helps keep behaviors in check,
but I also let them have plenty of free time...
Free to watch a movie together
Free to jump & climb on TJ
Free to listen to Katie read
Free to "play" ball w/ Nick
Free to call their big brother, Joe
Free to snuggle w/ mama
Free to rough house w/ Grandpa
Free to "share" Grandma's food w/ her
Free to chase the dogs
Free to play games w/ Daddy
Free to be little....

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No Ordinary Me said...

A Season al tree sounds neat.