Friday, October 1, 2010

Nature Study...

Our Backyard!

These photos are all from our fenced backyard.
We moved from small town to big city, so I find it a bit amusing to still enjoy such treasures of wildlife.

The wee lil tree frog was the most enjoyable. All the kids had fun with him.

We also have several rabbits to observe. Our dogs go a bit nutty over them.
Spiders are of abundance.
Thankfully, not many are found in our house;
the way it should be if you ask me!

The Blue Jays are amazing. We have a lovely birdhouse that we keep stocked with bird food. Chickadees and Robins are popular guests also.
We cannot seem to capture on camera our surprise early morning guest at the birdhouse...
the neighborhood squirrel!

We also discovered a rather large BEE hive in our pine tree. The odd thing was that we did not have many bees bothering us this summer, which is a nice change from previous summers.
We have the hopes of dissecting this piece of artwork very soon.

Some other friends of the back yard are:



, lady bugs, and the occasional slug.