Sunday, January 16, 2011


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and other tidbits of l.i.f.e. Academy.

So, in my previous post, we made a snowman. It began to snow at 6 p.m. & finished snowing at 10 p.m. ~thus we made a snowman at night. By mid-morning this is what was left of our Jack Frost...note: we felt the need to add our own paper snowflakes to get the full winter effect here. =)

We decided to observe the dissection of our snowman.
Do you see the tiny spot of that snow left? This was only a few hours later (in the afternoon). Some of Jack Frost remains were leaves, rocks, twigs, & a dog toy. That has to be the quickest life of a snowman ever!

l.i.f.e. Academy~

Nick enjoying a video game to himself because he is the only one whom gets up early to get his school work done & out of the way. Note: he does not enjoy getting his picture taken; like the "mom, what are you doing?" look he is giving me?

In here (mom & dad's room), I am sure TJ had the best intentions to get his work done. After all, I do see his math, grammar, & literature books out, along with a pencil even! Only he fell back to sleep...No worries though, Bryson was soon in being "Tigger" on the bed. =)

Bryson is always helpful in his own way....

Why, just moments before waking TJ, he decided to help himself get a snack. That would be a just-fresh-opened-bag-O-chips that he has spilled in his attempt at filling his own plate. And just because I know you are wondering; why yes, yes we do eat off the floor when this type of thing happens, because it happens a lot around here... haven't you heard of the 3 second, er 3 minute rule?

Meanwhile, Katie has continued her writing from the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo from November). She is quite the budding little author, complete with illustrations too!

School is going great! Love the Robinson Curriculum we chose at the beginning of the year (in Aug). So much consistancy & simplicity, yet gaining knowledge by the books full... yay!

Andrew (6) is finally starting to get momentum in his willingness to learn. I am approaching his schooling in the same way as with the older kids. Reading, wRiting, & aRithmetic, the 3 R's are a must every day. Ofcourse, he does not know how to read, but he has reading time w/ me, and we are beginning our first McGuffey Primer lesson this week. I love those old-fashioned styled books! I'll let you know how it goes...

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12-arrows said...

oh the potato chip spill is classic! all too often that happens around here, and yes we eat off the floor, but we don't worry about any time limits! LOL

I loved your snowman! so cute and man that was one fast visit! I guess where you live you have to "seize" the moment if you want to enjoy the crazy weather!

I've been working on the 3 R's with my 8 year old too! writing is tough for him, but its coming along!

love your updates!