Sunday, January 9, 2011

Homeschool Reflections

Chrissy has some fantastic homeschooling questions she has pondered since she began her journey back in summer of '09. I decided to begin a series here to help her (& others).

note: I do not have all the answers. In fact, most answers will be a matter of approach. It will depend on your individual interests as to what the right answer is for you & your family.

I will share my tidbits of thoughts here. If you have similar thoughts, completely different ideas, and/or your own post about the specific topic at hand, please do share in the comments section. Thank-you!

Reflection # 1

Do you name your "home" school?

We did not for many years. Infact, until we moved to a state that had stricter rules about "home-based education", I never even pondered the idea. Then the thought of pulling together Nick's high school transcripts for his diploma (aroung the end of his sophomore year) also guided the idea of naming our school.

My main approach to homeschooling is that it is a lifestyle, rather than a building. So I pulled together LIFE academy, but I wanted to apply an acronym to LIFE to bring it more meaning. I simply interrupted my 2 oldest sons playing a video game and asked what LIFE could stand for; without even a blink of an eye, and as matter-of-fact-as-can-be, my oldest son said "Living In Faith Everyday" and they continued to play their game. Hmmm, wow, that actually works for us... so there you have it....

l.i.f.e. Academy

So, what do you think? Did you create a name for your school?
Why or why not?

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