Thursday, April 7, 2011

continuing... my happiness....

(#25) Daffodils are blooming... yay! Ok, so if we had our camera back, Nick could actually take pictures of ours, but this lovely lil bunch looks much like our own. ;^)

(#26) Reading time with Andrew is (finally) becoming consistent. He actually asks now... and admittedly, it is a bit of an unconventional style. The "signal" is when Andrew asks me if I want to lay down with him. This is usually after lunch, and has landed in our quiet time... but it is priceless, quality time with him. He "practices" his word ladders (ba, be, bi, bo, bu, etc), then we lay down as I read out of an old-fashioned stories & rhymes book. Then he reads to me some Abeka phonic beginner books. This is all spread out amongst our king-sized bed, complete with the comfort of many surrounding pillows!

(#27) I went for a =)

(#28) During these long never ending rainy days I decided to make some playdough for the kids- and added glitter to it. It added some fun to our afternoons this week! I layed out spring like cutters (flowers, egg, bunny, etc) for a theme, but mostly they made a lot of snowmen, pepperoni pizza, and worms! That's boys for ya, don'tcha think?


Robin said...

All those things sound wonderful!! I love taking walks by myself, too:)

Sheri said...

Hi-you asked about the braided rugs-well a gal at the co-op did the research, but it is pretty need to select a material (the church she goes to had just received a bunch of remnants of polyester materials-so we used that) you want. Google it cuz there are lots of resources out there. We had the kids cut the strips about 2-3" wide. They braided 3 strips and added as they went. I will have to do a picture or 2 showing that, but I also read you can sew the strips together too). After you get your desired length, you start your sewing. I guess I better ask about that too-b/cuz I was in the other room and didn't see that. Once I know, I can do a photo demo too. We used reg. thread and you sew the back side in loose stitches (like 1/2" apart-I started too tight and it puckered it up-had to remove several rows to get it lay flat). At the end, you simply sew the end pieces into the back and you are done. Let me ask my friend for more tips. She is also the one doing this awesome watercolor project with the kids that I will be highlighting too-so I will get that next week and blog about it after. Thanks for visiting my blog!