Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happiness 101... (#29) Spring! really, it is very much still very wet here in the Pacific Northwest... but just for today it was dry. The tulip farm we went to was pretty, but definitely was not in "full" bloom! Katie-girl ended up being a tourist attractions for some folks from India. Katie almost blended in with a few rows of tulips.

(#30) A Sunday visit with my dear mother-in-law and sister-in-law. They brought our camera back to us... yay!
(#31) We have a plan in the works for us moving at the end of summer... I am very much a planner... this makes me happy.

(#32) I woke up to the smell of bacon & eggs frying... Yumm!!! My wonderful husband made us breakfast *smile*

(#33) I find it humorous when my husband (or the older kids) finish doggy-doo duty only to have a dog "go" again... and the 2 yr old is very adamant to let them know.

(#34) I love it when I pretend to cook a meal, and it actually turns out well. =)

Roast Beef, Southern Fried Potatoes, & fresh baked bread
(I forgot to set out the salad-oops)

As we head into this fresh new week, may we all find things around us that make us SMILE...


Carol Lindsay said...

I love Katie posing with the visitors! Excited about moving. That's good, just thinking about it would stress me. I got tired moving the kids bedrooms around. It's good to move every so often keeps you from collecting too much stuff. We have been in this house over 10 years and just make the kids take their stuff when the move.

Anonymous said...

Okay, my friend, I finally got my rear in gear and my list has begun. 18 so far..."Count your blessings name them one by one!"

Thanks so much for letting me join ya!