Thursday, April 14, 2011

How do you do "to do" lists?

Chrissy at
Enriched Living
asked this awhile back,
I could not figure out how to send her a document via e-mail...
so here it is via "a picture". Hope this helps Chrissy! *smile*

My day consists of :

a "Rise & Shine" routine, a time for just me in the mornings. My spiritual triathlon is 10 min reading, 10 praying, 10 listening (usually w/ worship music, but sometimes in silence)
Loving movements? yeah, that is just my kind way to tell myself to exercise ;^)

a "Morning" routine. Things I should have done before our schooling for the day begins.

a "Afternoon" routine, in which the kids do most of this. =)

a "Light's Out" routine; this is where we wrap up for the night, and the house is tidied up so that it is "smiling at me" in the morning. ;^)

I have had this schedule for many years. I laminate the 2 papers back to back and hang it on the wall for reminders. The only thing that really ever changes is "Our Day" when our school subjects can be rearranged or sports change the schedule.

I have not been doing my routines lately...and yes, it shows...not only by how the house looks, but in my attitude also....

Anyone else have routines to share?
How do your days look?


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

My schedule right now is really quite easy ...

#1 Roll out of bed some time before 10:00 am.

#2 Try to get showered and dressed before noon.

#3 Do only what is necessary for survival.

#4 Drive kids to where they need to be (which is necessary for their survival).

#5 Put children to bed.

#6 Read blogs (which is totally necessary for my survival).

#7 Write blog posts if I have enough energy.

#8 Try to go to bed before 2 a.m.

#9 THANK Jesus that He has provided someone to help with the children, as I work through the Mud Puddles of too many crises to count.

#10 THANK Jesus for my sweet blog friends who haven't given up on me (and send me sweet emails).


PS: I will look at the calendar. We would LOVE to meet you at the zoo. But ... did you have SNOW today? We are kind of hoping for spring to come soon. :)

Hollinger Family said...

Admittedly, I seem to aim for the same bed time goal as of lately. =) No worries friend, take your time in that mud puddle for now, soon it will dry up, and then you will spring into a new season.
(((hugs))) & blessings, Sheri