Monday, April 4, 2011

l.i.f.e. Academy~

Yes, it is that time of year again.

Our year-end-testing.

ok, so it is not for 6 more weeks... yet this is when I start prepping the kids. No more 'real' education, now is the time to practice 'how to take a test'. I call it surface learning. You know, glance at the info provided, and deduct the correct answer. Which is usually a candy-coated answer. A few of my students are logical thinkers (much like their dad), and base answers off of what seems most logical. This is not always beneficial for testing time, but I would not have it any other way. These kids know how to think for themselves, and like to dig into the meat and potatoes of information.

We have been using the Robinson Curriculum this year, and it has been a perfect fit for our family!

*sigh* ok, so I'll toss the test prep stress out this year, and continue with our 'real' education...

April Goals~

SCIENCE: We had fun with rockets. We still have a few more experiments to carry out. Then we will focus more on the mechanics of science ie Newtons Laws.

BIBLE: We are still reading through Luke until Easter time.

HISTORY: The Constitution... Article IV, V, VI, VII... slow-n-steady wins the race, eh?

LITERATURE: We are reading for fun this month so it is a free pick. Katie- PollyAnna; TJ- Tom Swift and His Aircraft; Nick- Netforce

FINE ARTS: we will skip our regular studies and will focus on some Easter activities this month.

FRENCH: Money review, table discussions, & room etiquette

MATH: Katie is plugging away nicely at her Math. She very much seems to dislike it, which is odd because she is good at it. Nick finished his math book so he is reviewing many things to keep things fresh in his brain. =) TJ is finally catching on to all the fraction, decimal, percentage blur and is now moving onto some geometry concepts.

FITNESS & NUTRITION: We are on the move... walking, that is. Ok, some of us *ahem, not me* are running. We are going to focus on our nutritional choices, and get our bodies moving more. This long, dreary, wet winter is very draining to any sort of motivation. I am hoping that getting our bodies fueled correctly (and moving effectively) will improve our attitudes, clear our thoughts, and refresh our momentum for the fun things in life. Rain or shine!

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