Monday, May 16, 2011

Bryson is "3"
Grandpa is "60"

Grandma made the cake;
Katie-girl helped decorate it.

I was in charge of finding candles

The guys had fun opening their presents.

I think Grandpa had more fun "buying" Bryson's present.

I had suggested to my parents that Bryson would probably enjoys nuts & bolts. Yes, real ones. He is fascinated with stuff like that. I figure it would be great for hand dexterity too, eh?

Bryson got a "real" toolbox, with real tools; a mallet, nuts & bolts, tape measure, 2 stubby screwdrivers, and a crescent wrench. Grandma guided the reins a bit when he started looking at magnetic tool sets *grin*. Today the tape measure was the biggest hit...our own version of 'Bob the Builder' pictures are sure to come....

As for Grandpa, I took the boys with me to go shopping for Grandpa's present. He wanted slippers; he got slippers. Not very exciting, but the shopping trip was priceless. Bryson proudly carried the slippers to the cashier's counter, and Andrew beamed at having the money to pay.

I really do love our simple life!

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