Wednesday, May 4, 2011


T.J. is a fabulous 14! ...and as usual, we have a shortage of birthday candles, so once again we are creative...

Hey, give us a break... he didn't seem to mind. =)

We are always proud of our creative wrapping paper. Like his puzzled face? Hmmm, what lurks behind the plain white tissue paper?

hehe, everything works better with duct tape *grin*

...really.... this is no easy task....

yet in the end, TJ is very happy to receive a new controller for his video games. Littles brother plays with the old one, so now they don't have to *always* share.

TJ is a joy to have around. He takes responsibility seriously. He is adaptable to situations. He willingly interacts with the littlest brothers when they seem to get bored; they love playing with him. He is my walking partner, and we have great every-day-type talks about life, current events, education, the future, sports, etc... He loves to fish, cook, & play video games. I am looking forward to his highschool years, we are gonna have fun!


Brenda said...

Ha ha! Duct tape wrapping paper is awesome! :)

Cassandra said...

Sounds like a great guy... Happy Bday!

Mary said...

The cake looks yummy!