Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shining His Light...
and breaking statistics.

This is a testimony (of sorts) about broken families and God's love.

I was raised in a broken home.
My dad was a druggie.
My 1st step-dad was a drunk.
My mom, although young & naive & making poor decisions,
was always loving. She always did the best she could do in the circumstances she found herself (& I) in.
Which led to my being raised in my teens by a single, hard working mom.
In turn, I helped my mom raise my little sister.
We are 11 yrs apart, and the best of friends.

As an adult, my own family began in a broken state.
A rushed marriage, a wanted child, and a much needed divorce found me all at the age of 22.
My blessing in the rubble of the choices I made, was my first born son, Joey.
Another disguised blessing came when this son was about 8 months old.
I met my dear husband Fred.
He also came from a broken home.
We entered a marriage not knowing what marriage was, or even what love was for that matter. We "knew" we loved each other, but it would take many years to truly begin to know what that really meant.

After years of walking away from Christ, or atleast neatly tucking Him away so I could do all the fun things I thought I needed to do, I found my way back around to Him again. Years later, Fred, within his own journey, came to be saved.

Our son Joe had been raised in a loving family, but he knows, remembers, our non-Christ-filled days. We also opted to let him go through the public school system via his own request. (Since this blog shares much about our homeschool journey, I figured I should share that.)

Many things we have cared, shared, & mentored to this specific son. After all, he is the guinea pig of our parenting, right? We were both raised w/ loving moms, but this newer experience of having a Father to help guide us, put us on a learning curve. We have listened to God earnestly, and have learned much, and we have continued to share the values placed in our hearts to all our children.

1. God cares, we matter.
2. Walk the walk; don't just talk the talk.
3. Always shine His Light in all circumstances.
4. Are you going to be a statistic? You know, the one that gives the ridiculous high percentage to say that children that are raised in a Christian home will walk away from their beliefs somewhere between 18 and 22?

Our Joe is now 22.
In high school he ran into little trouble (although not a perfect child, lol), and made tough decisions that took me awhile to realize. One being that when one of his bestest childhood friends (whom came from a fabulous Christian home) began to make poor choices (ie partying) our son chose to hang out with different friends. One friend he hung out with was not a Christian, but a great kid none-the-less. His name... Chris.

Well, I am pleased to say that not only has our son broke the "statistic", but has also been sharing His Light along the way. Chris not only is now a Christian, but it going to seminary for a BA in Theology Pastoral Counseling. *smile*

Here is Chris's attempt at blogging...

I think he is doing a fine job, and it is wonderful to see young men stepping up to make a difference in others lives... even if it is simply to shine His Light.


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Great testimony.

My husband's mom has been married and divorced 3 times.

My mom has been married and divorced 3 times.

Neither of us came from Christian homes, but the Lord told us that we would be the start of a Godly heritage.

God took us ... shaped us ... molded us ... taught us ... and gave us a dozen children.

I am here to testify that not ONE of them has become a "statistic". While my oldest son has definitely walked through some tough times over the years, all 6 of my young adult children are loving and serving the Lord.

We continually praise Jesus for His mercy and grace ... and ALL that He has done in and through our family.

Thankful that you, too, have seen His hand upon your lives, and the life of your son.


Patricia said...

Wha a lovely testimony of how our Lord *pulls* us to Him. I love the line in your first paragraph about your mother and how she was ~loving and always did the best she could do in the circumstances she found herself.~

Isn't our Lord amazing?!

Blessings, Patricia

Patricia said...

A lovely testimony on how our Lord *pulls* us to Him.
I love the line about your mother ~how she was loving and always did the best she could do in the circumstances she found herself~
Isn't our Lord amainzg in His ways?!