Friday, May 20, 2011

in the

I decided to take the littles for a walk around the block. It is only about 1/3 mile, but there is plenty to observe in this simple neighborhood in the city.

Katie liked the fushia azalea's;
the boys liked the gray and white rocks.

Seashells were a treasure found.

We thought this was a pretty fabulous Japanese Maple.

And we learned all about detours...

Interesting enough, we covered many topics in our 30 min walk...

Bryson liked a variety of rocks; pebbles, stone walls, red rocks, gravel...

Andrew noticed the clear blue sky, felt the breeze, noticed the warmth of the sun when we would walk out of a shady spot, and heard birds chirping & planes traveling by; can you tell he is my sensory boy?

Katie tried to name the few birds we saw; crows, grosbeaks, & a hawk.

Halfway through our walk she spotted the hawk. By the time we got in front of our house, there was quite the "sky war" going on between the crows (a lot of them) and the lone hawk. Our hypothesis was that the hawk was too close to home for some baby crows.

Not so sure I'm excited about more crows around here. Last year were enjoyed many birds in our backyard; starlings, robins, grosbeaks, & hummingbirds were common. Well, over the winter, we made those peanut butter pinecone bird feeders AND those stinkin' crows not only ate at the feeders, but took the whole pinecone at one time! It took a dozen or so attempts, but off they flew with their new feast!

We also enjoyed a moment in someones rock garden =)

This was a fabulous after-lunch stroll, and we are thrilled with a little bit of beautiful weather!

So, what's in your neighborhood?

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Julianna Lawson said...

Ooooh -- we love nature walks, too! I think birds are at the top of the list for us. We're kind of obsessed. The other day we were surprised to see an oriole land in the apple tree out back. I'd never seen one before. Very exciting :).