Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The move~ the final chapter?

What a journey the last 2 years have been!

I was very comfortable in our small hometown...
maybe too much so?

God led us to new adventures...
and we followed.

Nothing glamorous or fancy,
just simple lessons and new opportunities to learn from.

For my newer readers,
we went from tiny town to big city.
We had a comfortably large home w/ hot tub & swimming pool, and plenty of space,
to invading loved ones homes with all-of-us while our belongings stayed in storage.
The move came due to a job expansion.
The reasons for our chosen housing came for different reasons...
one was to help financially til a home sold,
followed by the request of my parents to stay with them in their home for a season.

Life Lessons continue:

* Big City Life certainly throws a learning curve at you on a daily basis.
(& no, I am not naive, trust me,
my childhood was full of 'reality checks' of worldly situations).

* Our "family" continues to stay bonded through the changes.

* I had the opportunity to really focus on what I wanted our children to get from homeschooling.

* Katie-girl received 2 years of Ballet in a wonderful home setting.

* I have gotten the chance to really get to know my (step)dad. He's a great guy.

* Thanks to my dear sister-in-law, we were taught 2 years of French; something we will continue to practice.

* Nick experienced soccer at a highly competitive level, and thrived.

* Material stuff is optional, family is not. =)

* My husband is my best friend. I have really good friends, some are quite priceless. Yet I am grateful that God has given me my perfect life-mate.

* I have learned that circumstances change, but life always continues. We make it what it is with our attitude....

* Grandparents are precious, and Aunties are very giving with their time and talents.

* Church is what you make it.

With all these lessons under our belt, changes continue...

We are moving back to our small hometown. My husbands job continues, and we are grateful. The house we are to make our home is modestly large and eloquent. Not having the 7 of us living out of 2 rooms shall be interesting *smile*, the littles think this is normal. =)

I am still pondering the use of a "family closet".
Ofcourse it would be on a bigger scale than our wee survival mode one we've adapted to. Got any links or ideas for this, please do share!

We are in full swing of *social* planning;
co-ops, sports, & volunteering at VBS are all knocking at my door already.
I love these things, but am very well aware that I will need to prayerfully think out our days, and plan according to our individual needs as well as nurturing our bond as a whole.

All in all, I am excited to be a part of community again, all the while remembering to slow down, exhale, and appreciate the small, simple moments that seem to whisper by....

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Mary said...

Congrats on your upcoming move back to small town living :) It's a good reminder to savor the moments. We moved from the big city to a small town and it wasn't long before I worked myself back in to a hustle and bustle lifestyle! I caught myself though so I finally have a happy medium.

Mary :)