Monday, June 20, 2011

My Lil Ballerina...

I may have been caught in the rain showers chasing after roses for our ballerina; she, on the other hand, showered us with her grace on stage.

We loved watching her in

She curtsied & twirled as a courtyard lady;
she swooped and swirled as a minion (bat);
followed with a final performance as a "lady in waiting".

The Calm before the Chaos

Most things are now packed and ready for our big move. Now the boredom begins to set in...

Unless, ofcourse, you have a fun dad...

What does your husband do with marshmallows?

Mine happens to like those gigantic campfire ones to teach the kids how to make "taffy".

I just prefer not to watch as they enjoy their ooey-gooey-icky-sticky mess. =)


I have pulled together a monthly meal plan. It's simple & rotatable (is that a word? hmmm).

I have created a chore chart, implementing our morning routine, jurisdictions, & evening routine. Just so you know, this makes me smile #41.

Besides our typical daily school schedule, I put the "flow of our day" on poster board, with the adaptability of placing sticky notes on any changes out of the norm. This is with the intent of letting Grandma M. see how our days flow. We are a busy bunch, and I can see how the chaos could be confusing. This way she doesn't always have to chase me chasing someone else to ask what our plans are for the day.

And since I am such a planner, (you did know that about me, right?), I have already laid out how I would like our belonging to be set in our new house.

I am especially thrilled with choosing to use our formal dining room as our school area. I am leaning towards simple & natural. Many ideas are dancing in my head....

and then their is school planning to ponder in this week of down time. We love, and will implement the Robinson Curriculum. Our hot topic is of our foreign language studies. Several of us want to continue French, several others want to begin to learn Spanish. We have friends we will see quite often who will be learning Spanish due to possible mission work in the years to come. This would be fun to learn together. My quandry comes in the possibility of a multi-lingual approach.

Other things knocking on my door...

1) I've been asked to go to a Zumba class at our church...every morning. This disrupts our school schedule, or maybe not. The littles can go with me, the older kids can do their scheduled math hour while I am gone. Honestly, I need the exercise. really!

2) I am excited at the thought of offering Bryson's little friend to join us for preschool hour(s). Let's face it; songs, fingerplays, crafts, and stories are more fun with a friend.

3) I have been asked about homeschooling someone else's child. This is not a new offer, it is something that was being pondered before the move.

4) to co-op, or not. 4 moms, including myself, may rotate Friday mornings to teach our own beloved topic. In other words, I would have one morning a month to share nature studies with a lovely bunch of children. Katie & I had wanted to begin a Nature Club anyways, so this may just be the right approach. In turn, I would have 3 other friday mornings a month without the littles. They would be off having fun doing creative arts, food crafts, etc.. and quite frankly, I like the thought of some quality time with my older boys. =)

5) my biggest contemplation is the desire to begin to unplug our family. I will save the details for another post, but really, this tugs at my heart...

So, What's been knocking at your door?

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