Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Yearly
School Schedule

One of the fabulous things about home-
schooling is the ability to create your own flow of how you want to enjoy your seasons.

We don't school year round, although we seem to always continue to learn.

For many years we followed the school district's schedule. After all, what else was there? I soon realized I didn't appreciate all the extra days off at their convenience- holidays, teacher in-service, etc- This was interrupting our own routines.

2 years ago I began to outline our own school year.

We began the 1st Monday in August. This is 4 weeks earlier than our public school peers. August is hot, and boredom sets we choose to begin school. We follow a 9 weeks on (equal 1 quarter), 2 weeks off format. The 2 weeks off gives us time to finish a book, get paperwork in order, add a few field trips, & regroup for our next quarter.

Conveniently, with starting in August, our Christmas break lands just right. And we wrap up our school year in mid-May, which just happens to be when we have state testing, and this works for us!

Getting out 4 weeks earlier than public school gives us the opportunity to explore adventures before all the crowds set in. *smile*

For those who homeschool,
how do you approach your school year?

and for those whom don't homeschool,
how do you adjust to the random days off the school district needs?

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Christine said...

I love the idea of year-round schooling, but with hubby's college professor schedule it doesn't make total sense. So we keep going for a couple weeks on/couple weeks off in the summer and just do the basics. The flexibility is so fabulous! It's one of my favorite homeschooling perks. :)