Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What are your days looking like?

We're pretty laid back right now.
Can you tell?

Sissy is reading in her spare time. Never mind that it is a school text book and that we are on summer vacation. (and that we don't even use textbooks for school anymore, lol).

Andrew is enjoying being, well, Andrew! Loves the simplicity to just play, imagine, do.

~psstt...He's secretly learning to read, as I have caught him reading zoo, boy, so, go, & stop. Random? I kinda think so? He knows waaayyyy more than he lets on. I'd like to think it was because of Asperger's, but really he probably inherited that trait from his dad. *smile*

The littlest brother had fun helping make spaghetti this week. They even took turns
"stirring" which doesn't always come so easily. =)

The Calm....
before the storm...

sort of...

Things here are pretty low key. The weather is still Pacific North West Wet. We are slowly packing up our things, mostly our school books, since everything else has lived in storage for 2 years. Katie-girl doesn't quite know what to do w/o me coming up with "all the fun things to do". We are having to get creative for fun while packing up all the fun things.

I am excited to be moving! I love a fresh start to getting organized! I almost thrive on it. *hee* My dear husband is not such a fan, lol. Bless his heart, he is hanging in there well. He's needing to help his mom some as she will be living with us too.

I try not to think about what we are going to do with 2 households of "stuff", oh my!

I, er, my husband, downsized us quite a bit when we moved up here 2 years ago...
gave away our TV's, couches, some desks, a foosball table, etc...
so we are pretty low key...
i hope.

What am I most excited about with our new house?

3 toilets!

and that we will be using a formal dining area as a school room.

A whole room for school!

now THAT is my kind of fun!


Kathi said...

I'm so glad you're excited...and YAY! for downsizing stuff!

I sooo wish the Army would get on the ball and MOVE US ALREADY! I love, love, love, fresh starts too, and I feel like I'm really needing one lately.

Love you,

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

You have such a positive outlook on moving - good for you! I too have one that sort of prefers not to read. It's easier to ask his younger sister what stuff says :)

Marla Grace said...

So excited for you! Blessings!