Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Rant...

is anyone else dislike blogger right now?

So rumor (too lazy to look up the facts- any volunteers?) has it that Blogger changed some of their codes. If you have blogger, and you don't use a pop-up comment box, fellow bloggers cannot leave comments. really. and it is annoying. after all, I've got so much to say to other lovely folks, right? ;^)

My other aggravation with blogger is that "spacing" is a huge battle. The more you try to correct it, the more wacky it gets. At this point I'm just throwing perfectionism out the window *hee*

So, I have a question for my faithful readers...
What do you use? and do you like it?

I am seriously thinking of changing things up around here (ie switching blog resources). I need easy-peasy and inexpensive.

Also needing to update our blog "title". We've spent the last few years with more than our "simple 8". Title ideas anyone? really, I am not creative in that area *sigh*


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