Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since I have been on the topic anyways, I am linking up to Tri-moms to share our schedule.

With our impending move (did I mention we are moving? *smile*) , I've had time to ponder how our schedule will best fit our family. Our outline for the past 2 years has worked well because we have not had any distractions. With us now heading back to our hometown, there comes activities, friends, and....church. Ofcourse these are favored choices within our family dynamics, but I want to stress balance in our lives.

Daily Schedule:
I struggle with wanting to start early. I *heart* mornings! I love Kathi's hours. That works for me, but my life isn't about me. My children adapt better with a slow-n-gentle start.

I also recently read about a mom choosing afternoon hours for schooling, which I think is a fabulous way to adapt to one's family. Yet, for us, attention spans begin to wane around 2 o'clock.

So, we are some where in the middle. Ideally, I like our day to begin around 8, but we tend to flow with the circumstance. I intend to rise early to enjoy my sanity, er, some quiet time.

Come August 01, here is our school routine:

(older kids / the littles)
Morning routine
Bible w/ breakfast
Math 1 hr/ 1 hr exercise for me
History 30 min / Circle Time
Science 30 min/ Story w/ craft
Language Arts 30 min/ Activity Time
Recess for ALL. 30 min.

lunch clean up/ Andrew's reading lessons
Fine Arts/ Quiet time
Spanish & French/ still quiet time (hopefully)
Jurisdictions (chores) for all
Free time til Dinner


A family read aloud, I'm leaning towards C.S. Lewis this year.
and a literature book read before bed as down time.

Here is my faint Daily Flow chart:
The camera wouldn't focus :^/

I simply penciled in school & quiet time. It gives Grandma M an idea of what we are doing w/o getting bogged down by the details. I intentionally left Saturdays empty. We'll just place sticky notes on any activities or plans that arise.

*Tomorrow I will share how our yearly school schedule is laid out.

Now I must confess I find it amusing that many of us homeschooling families are discussing routines, school or otherwise, while many families are just beginning to embrace their summer break with not a thought about the first day of the next school year yet.

It is even more amusing to think that during my own summer breaks when I was young, I was planning, preparing, and teaching...my stuffed animals. Roll call and all *grin* Hey, give me a break, I was an only child for many years, and a latchkey kid...atleast I stayed out of trouble *hee*


Mary said...

I have been toying with the idea of making a schedule, but everytime I make a schedule I tend to become a slave to it, get mad and dump it! LOL That's probably why I prefer checklists, so when it is all done, it is done. However that has its flaws too because if it isn't done and it is already 7pm I get mad that stuff is taking too long. Ha, I can't win!

Good luck with your move and your schedule :)

Nicole said...

I think if you were constantly playing school as a girl, you were destined to be a teacher of some kind! My 5 year old is going down that path! (I hope she chooses homeschooling!)

I have been spending several hours a week building a U.S. History curriculum for my 9th grader and 2nd grader. I am the ultimate nerd ... I can't even be satisfied organizing a purchased curriculum (although the rest of ours are purchased), I have to create my own. And it's so FUN!

Kristin said...

The minute we finished our school year, I was planning the next one. Nope, homeschoolers don't let the summer break stop them!