Thursday, March 5, 2009

My best purchase in a long time... a dog bed for our 9 yr old puppy Asia. Less than $20 ... and she LOVES it. she looks a bit pitiful in the picture cuz she was still trying to figure out if it was for the baby; every time I looked at her, she would lower her ears down. I prefer our dog stay off the couch, but we also have hardwood floors, so we are all pleased with her new found comfort.

So this week in history we are learning about creation, Deluge (the great flood aka Noah's Ark), ice age, and dinosaurs, and how it can all tie in together (there seems to be an endless suppply of theories on all of this). Then I came across this on Brenda's site about how to create your own dino-land! So, although the older boys (11, 15) are actually doing the studying, all the children will be pitching in to create our own dino-land, with Andrew as the lucky recipient of this attempt.... now off to the store to try to find some simple, little, plastic dinosaurs.

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Heaven Scent Farms said...

Yea for Asia. Too bad she feels so guilty for her comfort. She will get over it soon enough. Answers in Genesis has tons of resources about the whole dinosaur thing and how it all meshes.