Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*A husband who works hard to support his family so that his wife (me) can do other important things...
*the flexibility of homeschooling...
*enjoying the day that an older child (young man) can look after a younger child when needed, and willingly.
*imaginations and portable car t.v.'s
*the patience and compassion of a middle child.
*McDonald's (for today, lol)
*having a beautiful relationship w/ my mom!
So, yesterday was a long day. I volunteered to take my mom to her eye doctor appointment. Um, yeah, she had already drove home once with her eyes dialated for one of these appointments because she couldn't find someone to give her a ride, and since I found out about it, that has no longer been an options (good grief). So, off we headed north to another state, and to a BIG city. I took Baby Bryson, Andrew, and TJ. Nick stayed home as to be there when Katie got out of school. You would think a teenager would be thrilled with a house to himself for a few hours, especially with so many siblings. But some how I did not get that impression (maybe he enjoys our company more than I give him credit ;^)
The drive up was smooth; Bryson napped, Andrew watched t.v., and TJ and I had a great time chatting. Traffic was clear, so it was only a 2 1/2 hour drive. We visited at 'Grandma's for a bit of play time before driving her to her appointment, waited in the van during her appointment (1 hour), and drove her home. Only she did not have her keys to her house?? so I took her nearby (thankfully, lol, as it was 5 o'clock traffic time) to a friends house. Now I am faced with the drive back home during rush hour?? At the request of my 4 yr old, I begrudgingly stop at a McDonald's Playland (note: love the convenience of "drive thru", cringe at the thought of overcrowded, germ infested playland's). Yay! it is not crowded, and there are just enough kids to make it fun for all; and hey, hand's wash, right? all except Bryson finds the rubber floor fascinating to lick (yes, ew!!!)... all in all, it was a pleasant, get your ants-out-of-your- pants hour. Andrew slept half way home, and Bryson wasn't too thrilled to get in his carseat...again, but brother TJ was amazing at keeping Bryson entertained the whole way home! (peek-a-boo's, wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider, pat-a-cake, etc). We survived, and Grandma is loved!


The Butterfly Catcher said...

Oh, Sheri, what a sweet sacrifice of your time for your dear mother! My oldest has definitely done his share of being left at home to care for the Littles lately. . .isn't it great to see our young men rise to the challenge of the responsiblities of older siblings with such grace and willingenss? Makes me smile to think of how wonderful they will be as fathers. . perfect on the job training!! Have a great day, dear one!

Shel @ Life With Seven said...

I love those "Things to be Grateful For" posts. You have a beautiful family.