Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random thoughts to share....

*Katie-girl gets to hangs out w/ Nana and the girls today at the beauty salon. I think she will be getting her nails painted. She was so excited to go!

*Nick is doing very well with his driving. Very natural at it. We will get his car insured in May, then the fun lessons will begin...stick shift here we come.

*Baby Bryson is just too smart I decided. I observe how his brain absorbs information... he is way too detailed, imho, for a baby. He watches, he does. He watches his brother use the TV remote, then now uses it for volume, and to flip the back off and remove the batteries. Uh, yeah, I am convinced that TV is going to be disassembled to pieces by age 2.

*Andrew is in for a huge field trip on friday. We have been doing preschool lessons w/ his bestest friend Aria all year...this week is letter Zz... so off to the zoo we go. We shall celebrate the alphabet...I wonder if we can find an animal for each letter while we are there? nope, Andrew will be way too enthralled by the actual animals; for him, this will be better than a candy store.

*T.J. (pictured) and I enjoy watching nature shows together. So many to see, from 'behaviors of bees' to 'how to survive the jungle' to 'undersea urchins'; the information opportunities seem endless (one of the very few benefits in deciding to actually have cable). This also makes it easy to apply Animal Science to his school curriculum, along w/ essay writing, persuasive speech, and research papers... gotta love homeschool ;^D

*Joe- We still have not been to his apartment *blush*. He seems to be doing well. This past week end, he took Nick to a Christian concert. It was VERY crowded, but there were some great artists there, and they had fun. I usually LOVE to go, but I am not ready to leave Bryson for a significant amount of time quite yet, so the boys had fun w/o their mom dragging along, lol. I love seeing siblings interact at all ages and levels...tis truly a blessing of the heart!

*My DH Fred has been very busy with work, although he is doing an incredible job of balancing family and work. Last Friday he took Nick, TJ, & Katie to the local swimming pool...they loved it. Last night was game night for our youth at church, so all our 'men' went, except for Baby Bryson. Katie and I had the house to ourselves, so to speak, so we just grinned at each other as the guys drove off.

As for myself, I have some to-do's to keep in order...

*one of my nephews will be spending next week w/ us for spring break
*I need to plan and prep for a garden
*end-of-the-year testing is quickly coming up for our homeschoolers. I don't like those test, btw, as it seems to take away from the 'real' learning my kids seem to thrive on.
* figure out some summer goals; personal, school, and family related.

But for today, I just thank the Good Lord for His provisions... for health, a home, and happy children!

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