Friday, March 6, 2009

Katie had the day off from her school, so she joined us for project day. Here she is painting our sky...

Andrew is painting our boxes for our 3D land effect.

TJ is sponge painting the 'grass'. Just pretend you don't see the teacher's desk behind him, Fridays always look like that. ;^)

Our final product....DINO-LAND!!!
(real rocks, tiny dinosaurs...hey, they were cheap)

We had friends over for a sleep over. Along with dinner at Dairy Queen, creating a pet shop, playing with Polly Pockets, and fiddling with playdough...the dinosaurs were a great hit! Currently they are all (Katie, Andrew, Monique, and Aria *pictured*) laid out in our big room snuggled up in beds watching "Land Before Time".

On to some other exciting news... Nick studied well and it paid off... he is officially ready to hit the road, driver's permit in hand.

The blessed car that never dies...
A gift from my darling cousin Faith. It has survived our oldest sons use (4 yrs or so), and now is ready to face our next man-child!
I am so thrilled to see Nick start driving. I love it! Several folks I know kinda cringe at the thought of their teenager driving... not me! I have plans! Yes siree... how soon can he get his license?? hmmm... it would be great for milk runs, dropping off younger brother at soccer practice, picking up sister from a friends, taking the littles to the park to play...yep, the possiblities are endless, hehe....


Stacy said...

lol silver linings all around :D

Im neverous for when my daughter starts driving =p But then I use to be scared to drive myself! ha!

Heaven Scent Farms said...

Awesome Dino-land! My kids wish they had a cool Mom like you. Very realistic. No fair because my desk looks like that all the time not just on Friday. Ugh, I wish I was organized. Congrats to Nick! Great job.