Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day in the life of ANDREW...

I decided to casually observe my 4 yr old for a day. Andrew can be laid back and simplistic for the most part, easily entertained. He is known for marching to his own beat. A bit aloof in practical things, yet amazingly creative in his own world.


he can not seem to learn them as of yet. Two of his older brothers are mildly color blind (blue/green contrast, pastels), but I am beginning to wonder if Andrews colors all just kind of muddle together?

Traffic safety... uh, yeah, parking lots can be stressful. "Stop, look, & listen" does not seem to be grasped so well by this 4 yr old. Variety of cars and different 'paths' (between cars) seem to fascinate him more.

Dressed to shoes?... He does not favor pants much. never wears them at home. He can walk in the front door and flick them off in 1/2 a second flat. We are into reasonable modesty as a standard in our home; so now that he is 4 we are working on staying clothed, especially when company shows up. Ofcourse, he would NOT be caught without his baseball cap on! (note picture: removed hat to make him look at it as to stand still for the photo)

His own world:

Will take colorful pipe cleaners and bend in shapes of letters of the alphabet...content for an hour.

Uses his sisters life-size rag dolls for ninja warriors... stairs are his favorite place to battle.

(those picnic spoon/fork things) are a favorite... he will march them around as soldiers. (Nick added a variety of faces to some for Andrew's Christmas gift...endless entertainment)

Lincoln Logs... is getting good at building houses, but by far loves to "line up" all the short stubby pieces along any table or desk.

Movies... can and will re-enact any of his favorite movies...word for word. Will also re-enact a daily scenario in our home with Little Peoples, Leggo people, even straws used as people, etc... Thankfully, it is usually "good morning honey", "let's get dressed Little Bug", "are you ok sweetheart?"...(hmmm, never knew I used so many pet names, lol)...which is better than mimicking "shut up Asia" as when our dog barks too much!

...loves to hang out in the dark, looking for monsters; aren't kids usually afraid of the dark AND monsters? ;^)

Our Andrew is of constant chatter, yet is just now being more articulate w/ his words. I just figure he has a lot of information in his head that doesn't always come out of his mouth so clearly.

He will be super fun to homeschool once I figure out how to channel his creativity in more of a structured setting...all the while knowing that we will be playing outside the box.

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Great-Granny Grandma said...

What a wonderful little guy you have. (I'll have to come back later and read about the rest of the family.)

I just popped over here from JulieMom's Cleaning Carnival because I saw your comment about how you organized your Internet files.

That's something that's been on my to do list for a long time now(along with organizing my computer files and digital pictures), but it's something I keep putting off, and it seems the longer I put it off, the more overwhelming the thought of tackling it becomes.