Friday, March 27, 2009


was to go to the Zoo...
first thing in the day so it would not be so crowded, of course. We woke up late, then it started to rain, but we ventured out anyways... the drive is only about 30 minutes, and there became a glimmer of hope as the rain subsided. "zoo parking FULL", so we follow the SHUTTLE parking lane, which winds us up, and around, and through the 'zoo parking', back around, back down to the on ramp of the freeway we just got off?? down several miles to the next exit, that I missed, in which I turned around at the following exit, to yet again miss the exit...round 3? sheesh! only to discover that the whole right lane of traffic on the freeway is going to SHUTTLE zoo parking, which, BTW, has NO parking! hmmmm, no thank you...

Plan "B"... Out of This World Pizza! My first visit ;^D For those who don't know us (me) well, let's update:

Me> outgoing, friendly, extrovert...but... when it comes to my many kids, I am not fond of crowds. I am known for making my children (and any who may be in my care) all wear the same very bright color, and we use the 'buddy system' of having to have pair up.

Umm, yeah, this was not the case today. This place is a huge warehouse style building where you pay-to-play. Entertainment for all; bounce houses, a huge play structure, rock wall climb, kitchen & doll area, babies only area, little race cars, etc... It was crowded, no tables available. I had my whole lot of kids, plus Fred's little sister (15), along with my girlfriend and her 2 kids... so we were bold enough to ask if we could use one of the empty party rooms...and WOO HOO we scored (thank God, literally). The pizza was great, everyone had fun. Andrew did get popped in the nose once by some other little boy (yes, on purpose, ugh), but he regrouped well. Baby Bryson had fun too. My wonderful friend Angie use to be a nanny, so she is gifted at making things fun for all! She even gave me "the look" when I started tidying up the baby area, so I just plopped down on a near by couch and relaxed, lol. We stayed for several hours.

Our day did not end here, oh no, we continue...

At home we....

learned how to play Cribbage
rearranged toys

Later we...

had friends over
played w/ Lincoln Logs
used a microscope
played word games
had a pillow fight
played follow-the-leader
enjoyed breakfast for dinner
and had craft time! (Note: the picture)

On a side note:

After much consideration and research, Nick and I headed to the city for a camera shop, in which we had to have the camera we wanted ordered and shipped to us??? sheesh, I coulda dun that myself on the internet, eh? So you lucky viewers will soon have quality photos to see, hopefully very soon, lol!


Stacy said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! What a busy day :D Sorry you didn't get to go to the zoo, but the pizza place sounded like loads of fun too. :) The camera thing is annoying. I hope you enjoy it when it gets here. ;)

Heaven Scent Farms said...

Sorry the zoo was a washout but it sounds like you had more fun with the other "animals". :)