Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ABC...about me.

ge- 44
bedsize: king
chore you hate: toilets
dogs: Staffordshire Terrier aka pit bull
essential start to the day: vitamins & prayer
favorite color: red
gold or silver: silver
height: 5'3"
instruments I play: none, zip, nil
job title: MOM
kids: 6 and love it.
live: Pacific NorthWest
mom's name: Dee
nickname: Sheri, Sherita, Shay (Sheryl is my real name)
overnite hospital stay: 6 times, babies; need I say more.
pet peeve: lying
quote from a movie: Baby steps; I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful. =)
(What about Bob?)
right or left handed: both
sibling: 1 much younger sister (by 11 yrs anyways)
time I wake up: haha, uh, 7 a.m. unless I go to bed at 3 or 4, then it's more like 8 or 9.
underwear: yes ;^)
vegetables you dislike: mushrooms & lima beans- GAG ME
hat makes me run late: I am never late...j/k... kids.
x-rays: no, unless ultrasounds count.
yummy food I make: fudge, and some more fudge.
zoo animal I like best: polar bears

I saw this from Chrissy's blog, and thought it would be fun.
Your turn....


Anonymous said...

OH that is the veggie I hate the most....Mushrooms. Yukko!!!

Christine said...

Sheri, this is great! I think I might do this next week. :) Thanks for stopping by on my Montessori post. You made me laugh- I thought the same thing about other people's ideas when I started researching Montessori for my boys. I got most of my ideas from blogs and websites and then started looking at everyday objects differently. Natural progression! Have a great day!