Sunday, March 27, 2011

HAPPINESS 101 GOAL: To post (everyday) the simple things in life that make me smile. I am taking this journey til Good Friday. This is my LENT, of sorts.
(#1) A dear cousin gave our family TOYS. Many keep-your-kids-busy toys! Yay! So today, Dad & Katie brought out one of the K'nex sets. Those are alot of pieces!
~ Dad is reading through the architect plans. =) Katie always has plenty of question to follow up with.
~ The final results! An amazing carnival ride, complete w/ people, motion, and sound! The Littles love it!
(#2) TJ is in the kitchen! Yay for me!
Fresh homemade chicken nuggets....yumm....
The family will LOVE this!
(#3) My adult son who checks in on me on a regular basis. He makes me smile!
(#4) My new laminator! This thing is awesome. It has a hot/cold adjustment. AND it was a great price at costco. purple cows is the brand. We do tons of laminating at our house: flashcards & worksheets are the most common. They are great for dry erase pens too! ~So, there you have it... on my way to 101 THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE!~


Anna Mary said...

I always tell my kids everything is more fun when laminated! They laugh at my laminating obsession.

No Ordinary Me said...

I have thing with laminating...its just fun and everything looks better. Can I get a...AMEN!