Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To Be....

Live in harmony with one another;

sympathetic, love as brothers,
be compassionate and humble.
1 Peter 3:8

To share is to care,
to reach out is to help out...
that is my motto.

I share my thoughts about mama-hood.
I care about other mums, and want to encourage them. Being a mom is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

I share about my battle with bulimia.
I care enough to reach out to others who struggle with this slow.silent.suicide. I put aside my own shame (as in, letting people know my past & my dark secret) as to give others hope in choosing to LIVE.

I share about homeschooling, cuz well,
I care about other families whom are called to this fascinating journey. My heart wants to express the beauty, the simplicity, the honor, the relational growth, the grace of it all.

I share myself with kids, they are precious, and I care.

I share openly with teens. I care.

I reach out to
single moms,
young moms,
moms of many,
moms w/ losses,
& moms w/ challenges.
I care.

I reach out to
moms in chaos,
and moms who have it all together.
I care.

I reach out to
older moms,
moms of littles,
moms of middlers,
and moms of teens.
I care.

I reach out to
my mom,
my dear mother-in-law,
& grand-mums of others.
I care.

...and how do I do this best,
but to share the love of Jesus Christ,
to build good relationships,
to commit to care....

I care, and you matter!


No Ordinary Me said...

So, Beautiful. And honestly I can tell. You are the only one that really has encouraged me and really tried to help me make some sense of our homeschool days. I know that others leave wonderful and encouraging comments and tips, but you go the extra mile.

Thanks! I also struggled with Bulimia for years.

Cinnamon said...

Sheri, Thank you for your prayers for our family and for my green eyed soldier ( aka my husband ♥ )

I loved your post. It shows what a lovely heart you have for others. That must make our Lord smile :-)

p.s your abc's were fun to read