Friday, March 25, 2011


Our oldest son, Joe, has been up here working again. It's kinda nice, cuz he works for the company my husband helps run, thus when he needs extra hands on his job site, we get Joe!

They have been working pretty hard, so it was fun to see them with their feet up when we got home from French lessons this past Monday. =)

Part of home
schooling is your children get to help with home improve-
ment projects, and it counts towards schooling. Home Maintenance 101. Nick actually did most the work replacing Grandma's (my mom) garbage disposal.

Personally, I think they had too much fun throwing 1/2 apples down the drain to make sure the super powered disposal was gonna do its job!

Not bad for a first try.

and while we are at it...
notice the white tubes on the right.

That would be the water purifier...


Katie helped with! =)


the benefits of having many kids.

I also enjoy when the grocery man comes to our door!
Every Friday!
and the kids help bring in the groceries AND put things away.

Soon I will be training them to do the menu planning,

followed by how to order what we need each week.

*cheesy grin*


Carol Lindsay said...

And since you don't like to cook maybe they should learn that too! You could get another homeschooling mom to teach that class. I like cooking I can teach Katie via skype.

Hollinger Family said...

I *heart* that idea! We may have to muddle up some ideas...
indeed, cooking is so not my thing
Thanks for making me smile Carol.