Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning with the Littles

I *heart* this simple book.

~Our Home Kindergarten
(no profits for me)

Yes, we are still doing Andrew's reading lessons
from his Primary McGuffey Reader. His reading lessons only take but a few minutes per day at this point.

Andrew learns best from a simple hands on approach; talking & sharing in a casual conversation. If a lesson seems like instructions, he will not pay attention.

The lessons in Our Home Kindergarten are easy hands-on interaction.
Somewhat advanced (in my opinion) in what is taught from the very beginning. Is it not usual to learn shapes, colors, letters, & numbers first?

~Here is what we have learned in the first 3 lessons:

A sphere, red (specific stones are called rubies).
A cube, yellow (jewels & gems are called topazes)
A cylinder, blue (sapphires)
A basic geometrical concept that a sphere can roll, cubes stack, & cylinders can do both. (in the next few lessons, the square will be introduced from the cube, as will lines of horizontal & vertical usage to make a square).

Andrew is thriving at the knowledge to explore these concepts, all without instructional directions. Even Katie is enjoying these straight forward lessons.

So, beyond a reading lesson, and a kindergarten lesson, I am laying out Learning Trays (montessori style). I only lay out one per day, cept on Fridays, in which many are displayed. We have a lot of people living in a itty bitty living space (sounds like the Genie, lol), so available space is limited. I cannot just leave out the learning areas like I would prefer to, thus I rotate our activities. We adjust as we can, and this seems to be working...

Andrew copied patterns here, and Katie made her own creations. Bryson first stacked the pieces, then thought it would be fun to start throwing them (ninja star style- I do believe). Not exactly what I had envisioned, hehe.


not quite yet....
but since our time changed from Daylights Savings,
we can play outside now when Dad gets home.

Follow-the-leader has been popular.


...and cold, wet sand...

What more do kids need?


Marla Grace said...

Wow, you are such a good Mom. Your home school looks great! Have been lacking in that area lately. I sent you an invite for my faithfilleddays. hope you got it.
thanks for following my new one. Keep up the good work!

My Boys' Teacher said...


I totally know what you mean with the shapes. My husband has been complaining about the whole "oval" versus "ellipse" thing for three years now. I think he's annoyed that our three yo knows what an ellipsoid and rectangular prism are but he doesn't :) I think the logic is that they are so excited about learning the names of shapes right now why stop with a small group of them...keep going :)

I'm looking forward to looking through your blog some more. I LOVE reading blogs about LARGE homeschooling families. I figure if YOU can make it work with all you have on your plate I should be able to make it work with my two. Very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

So neat. What a neat little program it seems. I love montessori style learning. I love all kinds. :)

I am so laughing because I have set up activities having this vision of deep learning (smiles) and then it is a ninja party too. Hahahaaaa!