Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A 4 Day Week End...

After all the Christmas snow and freeway floodings that followed, we finally made it up north to visit family. I was hoping for photos to share, but my lovely sister-in-law broke her camera at the end of our visit. She took our TJ for a 5 mile walk the last day, and with camera in hand, slipped on some ice... Chanelle, I hope your bum is not too bruised ;^)

Anyways, we had a great time...

Faith~ Thanks for coloring and cutting my was much needed! Loved shopping with you (as always, lol) Thanks for helping set up my facebook account...still need to figure out how to download photos there...and YIKES, tons of our cousins and some of our beauty school friends have found me already (Can you believe that was 25 years ago??, yeah, we started when we were 3, right? ;^) And I am amazed at all the house remodeling you and John are getting done, it is going to be fantastic! Love you girl!

Mom/G'ma Michele~ We had a lovely time at your house! TJ loved the ribs (as did Asia, lol), Katie enjoyed making those cookies, Andrew made himself at home ;^), and Bryson loved his new found freedom of mobility there! I enjoyed the rummy games even if some folks kept bailing out early ;^)

Chanelle~ Thanks for the comfy bed ;^) to sleep on...but mostly, Thanks for hanging out with us, playing with the kids, chatting w/ me...thank you for your time.... We love you!

G'ma Dee & G'pa Paul~ Thanks for going out of your way to meet us at Michele's to make it easier on us. Smooches & loves to you both!!

Jim & Julie Orr~ I just adore you two! It is always so wonderful to see you both...always so peaceful and pleasant to chat with! (((HUGS)))

G'ma Hollinger & the Hollinger clan (Kim, Ronnie, Jim, Bonnie)~ We are thankful to be able to crash your home with all our little troops. We always feel welcomed there, and we loved seeing all of your wonderful faces! We had a great visit with Grandma, and are grateful that she is in good care! Love & Blessings to you ALL!

Joe~ thanks for keeping an eye on our house, hanging out w/ Nick, and feeding our turtle!

Nick~ Missed having you with us, but I am sure you enjoyed your ski retreat! ;^D

To my darling husband Fred~ With it being so busy, thanks for managing time off of work. It was very much appreciated and enjoyable to spend some free time with you. Kids aren't always a relaxing reality, but they sure are a blessing eh? Love you always!!

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