Sunday, January 4, 2009

Keeping it Real, continued...

The first 3 photos listed are of our "classroom" aka "the library" aka family room/office. We were gifted a large couch at Christmas, so this blue couch has been thrown in the mix just recently, so I am in need of rearranging wall stuff, etc. (photos listed left to right in room) For others who have shared there lived in school spaces, note that my globe is atop everything also, lol. That list above the water cooler is actually our daily schedule, not for exact science, but to keep us on track time wise.

That big thing on the wall is suppose to be for "word" cards, etc, but currently is holding pre-school crafts. Yes, there again is our laundry baskets in need of going upstairs

Yes, this is usually a tidy spot (except for dust that is). I am currently brainstorming where to move my white board now that the bookcase is in my way...I may move it to our dining area where we have "table time". ?? I use that board for many things! (lessons, to do list, phone messages, etc) There is another school bookcase with 9 squares in it; it provides a school cubby per each child, plus teacher books, and some learning gadgets also (you can barely see the edge of it on right, along with that random math book on the floor?). It is just sitting there, as it was where the couch now is?? hmmm, gotta plan something.

This is the "lounge" aka living room. Here is where we do our math videos, watch learning programs, read alouds, family meetings, snuggle times (for the littles, lol), and family movie nights.

Andrew at the end of the couch. Note: baseball hat, yes; pants, no. Our dinner table is in the background. We do "table time" at lunch while I still have their attention. This is for subjects that we all do together such as science, devotions, and current events.

Ah,yes...last but not least... Our play room aka...the boys room, the big room , the back room. This would be Andrew's morning mess. This is only 1/3 of the room, and it all looks like this spot! The up side: Andrew stays busy for several hours in his own creativeness, thus I get plenty of quality school time in for the older children. The down side: this IS a daily occurance. I am a bit organized, so all items have their own bin to go in at the end of the day. Current view would be of the following emptied bins: dishes, peoples, cars, and shapes. But not limited to: leggos, lincoln logs, marbles, Mr. Potato head, puzzles, etc... This damage is done before lunch time, lol.
My husband is baffled that I am showing this messy picture! haha... yeah, well, I usually request we have a company-welcomed environment in our home aka a somewhat tidy home.

next post... homeschooling ideas...what works for us.

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Brenda said...

But it makes people so happy when you show your mess! Cause we've all got one too!!!!