Monday, January 26, 2009

Simple Sunday

Our Sunday went well, actually, our whole week end went well... I love low key week ends. TJ grilled up some steaks for us for Sunday supper. Yumm! It was served with mashed potatoes and jell-o w/ cool whip. I must say that was much more delicious than my and Katie's experience earlier in the day. Katie decided she wanted to bring out the Easy Bake Oven...*sigh* ok, some where in a long lost cupboard we find it, dust it off, wash it down, and low and behold we still have a "dinner package" to use with it. Mac n cheese and brownie mix. She enjoyed the cooking process, but that mac-n-cheese ended up a mushy mess, blech! The brownie snack was atleast edible, lol. So, does any one out there actually like any food "cooked" with the Easy Bake Oven??

It was Katie's day for digging out long lost stuff... next it was the microscope. She wasn't too thrilled at the idea of Dad poking his finger to draw some blood to look at. They also viewed a strand of her hair, and a bug of some sort.
Next, the Aggravation game was brought out to play. TJ joined in late, almost won, but Dad pulled ahead for the win... needless to say, Tj was aggravated ;^D
We played a bunch of card games also. Go fish, speed, and Rummy were the common ones. I love games where kids of all ages can play together, especially the adults, lol!

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