Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The shifting tides of schooling...

Don't you just love it when God breezes drift by? Trying to slow down enough to feel them...yep, that's the goal.
Obviously, I have been sharing about our homeschooling scenario...
I love homeschooling, I love being home with my kids, I love learning most things right along side them, I love the challenge of keeping things interesting and exciting, I love the exploration of educational styles that best suit their individual personalities... yep... then the breeze blows by, the gentle reminder of following God's purpose and plan for our family... after much thought (2 yrs really), prayer, discussion, and revelation...
our Katie-girl started school today! A Christian School that is. The girl has been doing "school" since about 18 months...she thrives on learning!
*She does best on a good solid schedule, complete with routines and rules. The school can provide this, our 'littles' currently distract our schedule on a regular basis.
*She loves to read. This is unlimited at home, and still will be; but it is refreshing to know that this school will work with her also, enabling her to go two grades up in a reading group.
*She loves friends. She loves family. Her class has a total of 5 students (now including her)! They are polite and caring and love God, she is thrilled!
*She wants to learn about God. That was her ultimate reason to homeschool (yes, my kids get to choose) her eyes are wide open in amazement..."why didn't you tell me there was a "Christian" school?"
*She likes familiar settings...this school is part of our church facilities; she knows the ground settings and many friends of all grade levels, so she is comfortable and feels safe.
Me? I still love homeschooling! I look forward to quality loving chats together with my daughter... she will share, question, wonder, and embrace all things discussed...and I will listen to the whisper of God, follow His direction, and nurture that learning spirit.


The Butterfly Catcher said...

How wise of you and your husband to know that each child's educational needs and optimal learning environment are unique! It sounds to me that the school will be great place for your daughter to thrive, learn, and grow! Blessings to her as she embarks on this new adventure!

Brenda said...

That sounds so nice! My older daughter went to the little private school at our church for 1 1/2 years and she just loved it. There were 6 kiddos in her grade. It was really nice.

Hollinger Family said...

aww! you two are so great, thanks for the encouragement. The selfish side of me didn't want to share her (if that makes sense?), but I know she will love it. A mom pulled me aside to let me know her boy "had" to pray that Katie would have a good first cute eh?
And yes, please use the thoughtful spot... it really ends up being a spiritual reflection rather than feeling like punishment (most times, lol)

tonia said...

i'm selfish with my girl too. :)


you are doing what is best for her and that is a gift. good job, mom.