Friday, January 30, 2009

Random thoughts of the day...

Today is just a simple day, I seem to be enjoying those more as I get older... maybe it's wisdom? Ya know? Like, to slow down enough to actually enjoy the here & now. I use to strive to be the multi-task, can-do-all-things, never-say-no-to-anyone, must win the mother-of-the-year award, perfectionist person... um, yeah, that was me... yikes! And I thought, in my young & naive years, THAT was living life; to go, go, go (I am tired just typing about it, lol). On the upside of all that, I DID enjoy life, I DID get lots of things done, I DID accomplish many things for many people, and that is all good. Yet, it also has a solemn side (here comes the get real moment) of never quite being enough, not quite measuring up to my own expectations so to speak.
I still have that can-do personality, but today I am more aware of my journey;
* to observe the beauty,
*to absorb every day blessings,
*to enjoy the scenery,
*to embrace and share kindness with others,
*the willingness to stop & smell the roses on the way,
*all with the realization that the destination comes at the end of my life time,
**an eternity with my Savior.


I had a peaceful morning w/ my daughter. She too, is a morning person, which is nice for our early morning routine, and the bonus is to have lovely chats with her while we drive to school.

I look forward to class time with the guys. Without sister there to distract (love her, but she does talk...a lot) we seem to get so much more done. As they share more input, I am even learning to talk less, and listen more...

What a pleasure to hear Andrew share his Alphabet book with Baby Bryson. "B says 'buh', b is for bubbles" etc...

Baby Bryson is quite humorous. He is into everything... toilets, plug ins, mystery drawers, stairs are currently a favorite, lol. Poor TJ gets a bit stressed out; me?, I just grin.

I adore my husband, I really do. He works hard all day, yet is always willing to come home and play. No down time, no feet up for a few moments, although I am sure he takes a deep breathe before entering our home...deep breathe in, slowly exhale, turn door nob, open the door, one foot in...DAD's HOME!!!!! (We pretty much all hollar that) Bryson grins his cheesy grin, bouncing in one place waiting for dad to pick him up; Katie & I give Dad big hugs; Andrew is already tugging on his shirt to go play; and the boys kick up conversation with their "Hey dad...." ; and oh yes, don't forget Asia (our dog), as she is rambunctiously in the mix. Our evening has now begun... Yep, gotta just love that man of mine! ;^D

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