Friday, January 9, 2009

Fitness Friday

Here is my first attempt at Fitness Friday. Brenda at hosts this gathering as an opportunity for gals to support each other in their individual fitness goals... need encouragement with your fitness? Go check out her blog. This weeks assignment?

Things that make me feel good:

*moving ;^) as in my body. There is something about a good walk daily that seems refreshing.

*water... does anyone else feel sluggish when they avoid water all day?

*sleep... ok, so I am not the average bear. I function best on about 6 hours, and I am very much that annoying morning person everyone seems to dislike ;^D ...I only prefer if I could get those 6 hours of rest all in a row instead of constant cat naps.

*a good hair day... ever notice that when one has nothing planned the hair is looking fine, but if there is a something rolling along that day (church, holiday, dinner out...) my hair seems to have a mind of it's own??

*the toothless grin of a baby... so precious!

*Hugs! comforting hugs, loving hugs, hello hugs, just because hugs... I love to give them, I love to get them.

*A bed that is made. Like really, there seems to be a sense of calm in the room when the covers aren't all mangled up.

*I love hearing the background noise of the family interacting together. Like when I go off to rest with Baby Bryson, I can't help but grin (most times, ha ha) listening to the idle chatter in our home.

*appreciating my husband, and having my attitude show it. Being home with our children is a priceless gift, one that my hard working husband gives me (w/ the blessing of the good Lord above).

*and last, but most importantly....knowing that God will always love me just where I am, and to love the little life gifts he blesses me with on a daily basis...even on difficult days, there is always something I can praise Him for.... Amen!


Brenda said...

Awesome list!!! I think being that thankful makes for a very positive person.

I'm so glad you joined in! This week's assignment will be harder so I'm glad you started on an easy week! :) LOOK OUT! (I'm kidding-but it is harder.)

Megan said...

Welcome to Fitness Friday! I love the strong ending of your post!! An excellent reminder for all of us.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

A made bed- yes!! I agree.

Welcome to Fitness Friday, Sheri.